Editorial Bite: What is trending this week, and turning my head while living in St. Louis

A quick bite at what is going on around St. Louis, the first of many weekly insights, to keep you in the news.

The CWE going west/Roger Hunt

While St. Louis homicide rate down 22% in the city; what does that mean for the surge we are experiencing throughout St. Louis county? In addition, to the raging crime wave in the metro, we can’t just sit back and relax just yet.

Here is what KSDK is reporting:

St. Louis police reported 106 homicides this year, down from 136 this time last year. That’s a nearly 23% decrease.

Mayor Tishaura Jones attributes the decrease is due to “an all-hands-on-deck strategy. It is our community violence intervention program. It’s our Cops and Clinicians program with social workers and communities.”

Police Chief Robert Tracy took over the department in January. He credits the department’s overall comprehensive crime strategy and the real-time sharing of accurate intelligence for the drop in homicides.

So, if you are a grieving mother, father or grand-parent, does this bring you relief? Well of course not. Because murder is murder, and the families that are involved still suffer the loss.

But nonetheless, it is good to see progress in the city!

It didn’t seem real’: Friends reflect on loss of teens in fatal crash (Video by KSDK 5)

I was following another story in the news, family, students and friends alike were in disbelief, after 3 teens were killed in a car crash, after it ran into a vacant home.

My condolences to the family, the teachers, students and anyone connected to these kids. But how did they get the car? Where were their parents, did they know how to drive?

Here is the story on Fox 2:

Twelve hours after a crash took the lives of three Ladue Horton Watkins High School students, mourners staged a vigil just feet from the scene.

The victims in the fatal crash have been identified as Deion Robinson, Johnnie Ursery, and Demetrius Ingram. They were all 15-years-old.

The crash occurred just after 7:15 a.m. Wednesday in the 1000 block of Groby Road at Mulberry Lane, located near Kaufman Park.

Police found a 2016 Hyundai Accent embedded in the side of a vacant home. Corporal Dallas Thompson, Missouri State Highway Patrol, said the three 15-year-olds were found dead inside the vehicle. Only the driver had been wearing a seat belt.

Sad, but this is the reality that we live in. I am so sadden by this one!

Please, talk to your children, check their social media, give them better things to do. We need them.

Here is one that stabbed me softly in the night!

Police chiefs address safety concerns for west St. Louis County residents

So, I am guessing north St. Louis County residents do not have safety concerns? Because every day there is a shooting, car jacking or murder in north county. Could St. Louis city be a break from the madness?

We shall see, the story:

 Residents in west St. Louis County met with police chiefs from several jurisdictions Wednesday evening during a neighborhood safety briefing.

Around 100 people from Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ellisville, Eureka, Manchester, and Wildwood showed up to the meeting to hear a wide range of topics involving drugs, mall safety, and crime stats.

“A couple of things we’ve added. We talked about flock license plate readers. Our city invested and now there are five cameras on the mall property and that’s been a big deterrent,” said Des Peres Police Chief Eric Hall.

Residents also heard more about the first responder shortage happening across the region.

“We have the Route 66 Explorer Program between us Ellisville and Manchester. We partnered up together for that,” Ballwin Chief Doug Schaeffler said. “We will take people age 14 through 21 and make them police explorers. Get them involved in law enforcement. They work with us, they do things for us, get them exposed.”

Police chiefs and captains from each municipality said crime rates are down compared to last year. One area where St. Louis County is seeing an increase in crime involves drugs.

Read more here, I am done with this!

Last, Chesterfield approves a downtown! WHAT A JOKE!

Sure Atlanta, Georgia has about 4 sub-downtown, one in Buckhead and Vinings that I know of. Now, here comes Chesterfield, another ungrateful suburb trying to drain downtown St. Louis. Our market is not ready for another racism motivated downtown. Clayton, CWE, and Westport is enough. But I digress.

Here is the story:

A plan long in the works to convert the Chesterfield Mall site into more than $2 billion of new mixed-use development received final approval from city officials Tuesday night.

In a unanimous vote, the Chesterfield City Council approved Overland developer The Staenberg Group’s planned $2 billion redevelopment, known as Downtown Chesterfield. The project, with more than 2,500 apartments, will create an urban city center in Chesterfield, a suburb that has never before had a downtown. In the weeks before the final vote, The Staenberg Group paused the project after some officials took steps toward capping the number of apartments allowed in the development, but the council showed its support in a preliminary reading in August. KSDK 5

In a unanimous vote, the Chesterfield City Council approved Overland developer The Staenberg Group’s planned $2 billion redevelopment, known as Downtown Chesterfield. The project, with more than 2,500 apartments, will create an urban city center in Chesterfield, a suburb that has never before had a downtown. Google.

I wish them much luck, but that still won’t stop the division, people will find their way out there too.

Thanks for reading, catch me next week, when I bring you more news and opinions from around St. Louis!


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