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Dr. Ricardo Febry founded Hospice Associates to meet the growing demands for compassionate end-of-life care in New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana.

Hospice Associates

METAIRIE, LA, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Life is beautiful. But everything born on earth has a timeline. That means life will eventually end at some point. It can be a painful experience for family members when a loved one is nearing the end of life. A terminal illness with no treatment can rob loved ones and caregivers of the joy and treasured moments they once shared, even with the finest care and support. Still, no one wants their loved ones or those who care for them to suffer during the final stages of life just because they know the end is near. They can provide optimum support and compassionate care to those nearing the end of life via hospice or palliative care at home or in an inpatient facility. Hospice Associates in New Orleans and Metairie believe that when there is no hope for a cure, those facing the end of their lives with a terminal illness deserve an end-of-life care plan based on information, empathy, and individualized attention.

People frequently associate the term “hospice” with a physical location. However, this narrow definition has expanded over time. At its core, hospice care provides all-encompassing, empathetic support to anyone nearing the end of life. A good hospice center can help ease the suffering, provide emotional, spiritual, and physical assistance to terminally ill patients, and offer closure to their family members. Fortunately, a few New Orleans hospice have excellent caregivers and physicians to provide the care and support needed for those nearing the end of life. For example, Hospice Associates in Metairie help family members and terminally ill patients decide on convenient, comfortable, and optimum care with programs such as pre-hospice care, home-based care, intravenous therapy, and inpatient care. As a result, many New Orleans residents speak highly of Hospice Associates.

“Excellent group of nurses and staff. Very caring and friendly. 5 stars!” – Brant Gauthreaux

Making choices regarding treatment at the end of life can be emotionally taxing. The complexity of treatment options and the emotional upheaval and unknowns can make it challenging to decide and find the care and support needed for end-of-life care. Nevertheless, a physician-managed hospice and palliative care center, such as Hospice Associates in New Orleans, can help terminally ill patients and their family members find interdisciplinary care to ease their suffering and improve their quality of life. These medical facilities also accept Medicare and other health insurance programs regulated by state and federal laws.

Most reputed hospice New Orleans centers take a holistic approach, considering the individuals’ values and wants while providing optimum support and care for their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. This approach allows patients nearing the end of life to spend their final days in comfort and joy and find medical assistance up until death. In addition, trained medical staff and practitioners at a hospice center do everything to provide patients with the medication and care required. In addition, patients with terminal illnesses can benefit from the pre-hospice treatment offered by hospices like Hospice Associates in New Orleans. With the oversight of a medical director, they voluntarily coordinate a pre-hospice palliative treatment program. Finally, they continue to care for terminally ill patients until they are ready to transition from an in-home to an inpatient facility.

Although many people associate hospice as a facility for people nearing the end of life, the primary purpose of hospice is to provide emotional and medical support. So it’s no coincidence that many patients regain their life after the treatment, and as Hospice Associates in New Orleans puts it, “there is always hope for recovery.” Those receiving hospice care often report feelings of comfort and empowerment. The hospice medical team can help manage their pain and other symptoms, reducing the need for unexpected hospitalizations. As a result, the hospice patient and their loved ones gradually gain optimism about the future. In addition, the hospice staff has advanced training in palliative care. They can visit the patient wherever they are most comfortable, be it an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or their own home—additional options for receiving hospice care exist, such as hospice-specific hospitals and care centers.

Many New Orleans facilities specialize in hospice as well as palliative care. For instance, Hospice Associates in Metairie can assess the condition and help decide whether palliative care is more appropriate than admitting to a hospice center. Historically, hospice care, which is a subset of palliative care, has been shown to help patients live longer. For example, according to studies, patients with last-stage cancers eventually need palliative care when the medications and treatments become ineffective. In addition, those with life-limiting diseases or terminally ill patients with less than six months to live can benefit from hospice.

Early enrollment in hospice care can alleviate family stress, lessen the likelihood of prolonged mourning, and prepare loved ones for passing. It can be emotionally and physically draining for a single family member to care for a terminally sick patient at home. Because of the strain that caring for a terminally ill loved one can put on a family, hospice care makes it possible for the patient to temporarily be moved out of the home and into a facility. Admission to a specialized facility may be the best choice for patients whose symptoms have progressed to the point that hospice care at home is no longer an option. A hospice care team consists of doctors, nurses, spiritual counselors, pharmacists, and other members to provide medical support, care, comfort, and assistance in living a dignified life for those nearing the end of life. With compassionate and expert medical care, Hospice Associates in New Orleans offers physician-managed hospice and palliative care for terminally ill patients and those requiring end-of-life care.

About Hospice Associates

Hospice Associates of New Orleans LLC was established in 2004 by Ricardo Febry, who set out to eliminate non-medical supervision of hospice care. And to have it replaced by personalized treatment regimens crafted by hospitalist doctors versed in pain relief and other palliative care. Each patient is assigned a Hospice Associates physician who oversees and directs their unique care plan, giving them and their loved ones access to hospice team nurse, practitioner, and physician whenever they need them, day or night. The Hospice Associates of New Orleans team consists of expert nurses, social workers, compliance officers, and other trained staff to provide optimum care and support to individuals nearing the end of life.

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