The Music at The Intersection, capped off a very busy productive melody of events in St. Louis

Music at the Intersection and Taste of Black STL, bought out St. Louis’ diversities, for great times with live music, vendors and networking opportunities.

Unbiasedly, Music at The Intersection, has got to be the greatest music event to cover major blocks in any city. Sure, St. Louis is coming off a wonderful music festival last weekend, that took place in Forest Park.

But even with construction and part of a major street (Grand Blvd.,) closure, the most talked about Music at the Intersection, closed off blocks, while including businesses such as Father Dempsey Charities and Sophie’s Lounge, to open up their doors to the party.

I did speak with a gentleman who was coming right out the front door of Father Dempsey’s, just as some did last year, onto the front of Washington Blvd., stage, where singer Mai Lee was about to take the mic. He didn’t want his name published, but he did state that there was a mutual arrangement for the residents at the transistional house, to work and be part of the festival.

In which it made sense to me, because there wouldn’t have been a way to close the building off from the main stage. And you’ve got a group of guys who could work and enjoy the festivities.

Futhermore, the major highlight of the festival was all of the great vendors that were in attendance. Such as, Metro Transit with the great gadgets, and job offers, Cajun Seduction, Narwhal Crafted, Break Thru Beverage (Formerly Major Brand) with the free ride home, Butter Love, Locs to Glory Salon and Spa, Juicemasters Fresh Juice,The Popcorn Bar, Markeeda Yohari; specializing in handmade cocheted items, STL Made, and many many more.

The Newsletter ’05

It was so engaging to see people laughing, partying, dancing in the City Wide and The Field Stage areas, while clearly showing that St. Louis is a place that love to be entertained. I was fortunate to be able to giveaway tickets to the community, because the First Tier tickets sold out very quickly.

In addition to good times rolling, there were some great talents and national acts performing on different stages. Remarkably, you could go to any stage, and you could almost hear everyone’s singing simultaneously.

I got the opportunity to hear Denise Thimes, Anita Jackson, Mai Lee, Root Mod, DJ Nune, Paige Alyssa and a few more to name.

Moreover, it was a nice diversed weekend of love, and emphasis on just sending caution to the wind, and having some fun. Saturday’s weather was perfect in the lower 70’s, and today’s weather was even veritable.

I do look forward to joining the Kranzberg Foundation again next year, and I am sure it will be one big jamboree once again.

DJ Nune on City Wide Stage

Images: 1. Arrested Development by Easy 2. Denise Thimes by Andrea Hebron 3. Kendrick Smith and 4. Easy and the WSIE The Sound 88.7 FM Crew, by Easy. (Easy In The Afternoon-WSIE 88.7 The Sound)

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