Donate to CareSTL Health today, to honor Black Giving August 28th

Immediate Release

To help non-profit CareSTL continue to support their efforts to provide affordable, quality healthcare to all, your donation will go very far. Your generosity will help thousands of disabled and low-income individuals stay healthy and connected to networking doctors and healthcare specialists.

CareSTL, has several location in the community, with 5471 Dr Martin Luther King Dr, St. Louis, MO 63112, being it major hub.



Give 8/28 builds on the momentum of Black Philanthropy Month with one concentrated day of giving for Black nonprofits. We are thrilled to join other Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofits for the sixth year of this online event by the The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute! An important aspect of racial justice is investing in the leaders working directly in our communities, so we would be honored if you would consider donating to support the patients of CareSTL Health.


About The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute:


The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute (YBGB) serves Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofits and its leaders with a mission to provide capacity building, convenings, and funding that uniquely meets their social impact needs.


Our vision is to prepare the next generation of young, black professionals for effective community leadership and philanthropy such that they produce sustainable and innovative solutions to their communities’ most pressing issues.

What We Do

YBGB’s core efforts seek to close the racial funding and capacity-building gap that exists within institutional philanthropy. Programs offered by prominent nonprofit training institutions are often too expensive and not targeted to the unique needs of Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofits. Research has also shown that major funding institutions rarely target giving to Black-led organizations or causes addressing the most pressing needs in Black communities. As a result, Black-led organizations operate with vastly lower budgets, and face ongoing challenges to organizational sustainability and growth.

In its own way, YBGB addresses the aforementioned inequities by providing safe spaces for Black nonprofit professionals to convene and learn about topics, such as board governance and fundraising, a national giving day exclusively for Black-led/Black-benefiting nonprofits and a fund that provides mini-grants to Black-led/Black-benefiting nonprofits.

Our Values

We encourage our community to lead a life of authenticity, giving their time, talent and treasure to causes that align with their heart, values and points of view.

Service without trust brings no real healing, no real change. Our model for giving back relies on building sincere leaders who serve with integrity.

We emphasize the value of respect in all of our programs, shaping a generation of young, black professionals who have a genuine regard for those whom they have the opportunity to serve.

We believe stewardship and service sit at the heart of social justice. When we realize that our lives are intertwined and our destinies are interconnected, service becomes less an act of kindness and more an act of responsibility.

We train young, black leaders to stand as leading voices for change, acting with openness, accountability and honesty.


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