“LoMein King” – The Incredible Journey of Entrepreneur Cornelius “Rambo” Swinney

Meet Cornelius “Rambo” Swinney – the mastermind behind “LoMein King.” Learn how his entrepreneurial journey started, his commitment to giving back to the community, and the inspiring impact he is making on people’s lives.

Lo Mein King

St. Louis, Missouri, is a city rich in talent, and among its gifted individuals are both passionate business owners, and talented entertainment artists who are actively giving back to their community. One such remarkable individual is Cornelius “Rambo” Swinney, the mastermind behind “LoMein King,” a thriving Asian food business that not only tantalizes taste buds but also makes a positive impact on the lives of those around him.  

The journey of “LoMein King” began humbly, with Cornelius preparing delicious meals for his family. Impressed by his culinary skills, he decided to share his creations with his colleagues by bringing his food to work potlucks. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and soon, his coworkers began to miss his flavorful dishes when he didn’t bring them. They urged him to consider selling his food, and thus, the seeds of entrepreneurship were planted.  

Emboldened by the encouragement he received, Cornelius took the leap and founded “LoMein King.” Operating out of the U.G. Commissary Kitchen in Bridgeton, he began serving his delectable Asian cuisine to a growing base of loyal customers. What started as a simple passion project evolved into a thriving business, thanks to his dedication and the support of his community.  

However, for Cornelius, success is not just measured by profits and popularity. He believes in giving back to the community that embraced him and his culinary creations. A shining example of his commitment to making a difference is his collaboration with Kay Kay Jones for a back-to-school event, scheduled for July 29th, on 11673 W. Florissant Ave. Florissant, MO 63033, from 1 pm to 4 pm. The event promises free school supplies, an array of vendors, snow cones, food, and bouncy houses, all aimed at supporting families and ensuring that children are well-equipped for the upcoming academic year.  

Kay Kay.

Moreover, Cornelius hosts a 5th-grade kickback in partnership with a gifted program at Ritenour Middle School. This initiative not only provides a fun and memorable experience for the students but also serves as a platform to inspire and motivate them to achieve their dreams.  

When asked about his dedication to giving back, Cornelius shared his genuine love for the community and his desire to make a positive change in people’s lives. For him, the joy of sharing his culinary talents and the success of his business are intrinsically tied to the happiness and well-being of those around him.  

In conclusion, St. Louis, Missouri, boasts a remarkable community of talented individuals like Cornelius “Rambo” Swinney, who exemplifies the spirit of giving back. His “LoMein King” business not only serves mouthwatering Asian cuisine but also serves as a catalyst for positive change. With his commitment to making a difference, Cornelius is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and an invaluable asset to the community he cherishes.


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